CORONA Rules at Circuit Zolder

11 May 2020 by Andy Jaenen share on facebook

We can drive again on Circuit Zolder. We start on May 13. But keep in mind that we must regard some new rules

Dear Skylimit friends,

Due to the COVID-19 virus we were unable to pursue our hobby/profession for 2 months. But Circuit Zolder received the green light to be able to start again from May 11 for training, track days, training,…

So we have the honor to be the first to organize a track day on the renewed circuit on May 13. But since we will be the first, all eyes will be on us. Make sure we can be proud of you. Start slowly. All racing cars were parked for almost 3 months and everyone will have to get into it a bit. Intervention services should also take more security measures during these corona times, so a red flag could take a lot longer. And make sure that you are not the first to land against a wall on the new Circuit Zolder. Be sure to use the first laps to get used to the new asphalt and learn to feel the curb stones. Some bumps have disappeared and curves like the Villeneuve chicane feel different.

This restart does have several conditions that everyone will have to observe. We hope for your full cooperation because we are almost certain that we will be checked! The stricter you follow the rules, the faster the rules can become less strict.

* NO public is allowed during track days.

* Each participant can bring a maximum of 3 extra persons on the domain of Circuit Zolder. These names must be known to us LATEST 24 hours before the start of the event. Who is not on the list at the tunnel is NOT going inside!

* Pilots/drivers: All body parts must be covered. Arms, legs, hands (gloves required).

Helmet: closed full face helmet is recommended. With an open helmet, a balaclava with a mouth mask underneath is mandatory.

* If you don't have gloves or a balaclava: call Michel from Speedwear. He ensures that the material is available. +32 (0) 473590318

* NO TAXI/passenger rides allowed.

* BE ON TIME! The administration is on the second floor of the VIP tower. We are going to put someone at the bottom of the stairs so that customers come to collect their documents 1 per 1. 1 person takes everything from his team. He/she takes the maximum 4 wristbands per car.


* A maximum of 1 car and 4 people per pit box. These 4 persons must always be 1.5m apart.

* The social distancing rule of 1.5 meters applies to the entire domain.

* You can order food at the otobar via 0487487487 or (pick-up only).

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