The new Covid 19 rules starting at 9th June at Circuit Zolder during track days: The fun factor will get higher again! 08-06-2021 by Andy Jaenen

The past 15 months we had to obbey many covid 19 rules that made the trackdays less enjoyable. Despite these rules, our customers could drive many laps on our loved race tracks. Now it is getting a bit less strict!

The 2021 Skylimit Events Program 11-01-2021 by Andy Jaenen

Best wishes for 2021. Let's hope that we can often meet at the racetracks this year

 Restart after the second lockdown : These are the rules!27-11-2020 by Andy Jaenen

Thanks to consultation between the Circuit Zolder direction and the mayor of Heusden-Zolder we can restart our activities at Circuit Zolder. There are a number of strict measures that everyone must adhere to.

 Belgian corona rules made us cancel our November events18-11-2020 by Andy Jaenen

Our planned events in November are cancelled. We expect soon news about out December dates. If they can go ahead or if we have to move them to a date in the second part of December.

 22-10-2020 by Andy Jaenen

De eerste Skylimit EV Driving Day zal deze zaterdag plaatsvinden op Circuit Zolder. Velen onder jullie zullen de wenkbrauwen fronsen als jullie de naam Skylimit Events horen in combinatie met EV's. Sinds een tijdje mogen we op Circuit Zolder geen...

CORONA Rules at Circuit Zolder11-05-2020 by Andy Jaenen

We can drive again on Circuit Zolder. We start on May 13. But keep in mind that we must regard some new rules

 2020 will be our 20th anniversary year and we are offering again a full calendar! 24-12-2019 by Andy Jaenen

When Andy Jaenen decided to start organizing Track days with VZW Eran Racing he started with a small calendar of 6 afternoons at Circuit Zolder. At the start his partner was Erik Bruynoghe and after the switch to BVBA Skylimit Events Jo Lammens was...

 The end of summer will be busy for Skylimit Events!20-08-2019 by Andy Jaenen

The next weeks we organize some Skylimit Trackdays at Circuit Zolder. First one is at the 28th of August.

Performance Shop Geel & PSG Carbon : The track day and BMW specialists11-02-2019 by Andy Jaenen

You like to drive on a racetrack, you participate at track days and are never understood by the car dealership because your brakes are worn out so fast. Than it is time you bring your car to a specialist who prepares your vehicle as it should. A good...

Winter break is for sissies! Skylimit Events continues during winter20-11-2018 by Andy Jaenen

We also offer track days during the winter at Circuit Zolder! We will organize on December 8, January 19 and February 23! Of course it can be cold on those days, but in our 18 years of organizing we only had to cancel 3 times because of snow. This...


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