Trackday Le Mans

In collaboration with Driving Fun, Skylimit events offers an open pitlane trackday in Le Mans. Don't miss this opportunity!
Trackdays are the perfect way to get to know your own limits and the limits of your car in a safe, driver's license safe and above all very fun way.

Le Mans is one of the most known race tracks in the world. Everyone inside or even outside motorsport knows about the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The 24H track opened in 1923. The track is still partly a public road. To have a permanent track they build a 4,185 KM track inside the 24H track 1965 and named it after Ettore Bugatti. 

Both tracks use the Ford Chicane, the start finish straight and the Dunlop Chicane and bridge. There is some elevation changes along the track. The layout is very fluent and safe. 

In 1967 this track was used for the French F1 grand prix. main races are every year the French Moto GP, 24 H for Motorcycles, FIA Truck GP. 

The big track is only used for the 24 Heures Du Mans every year.